at Lia

Residence at Lia is the first sustainable residence, that has been built on the island. Having adopted all green practices which gain field in constructions activity, the new residence is in total harmony with the imposing Cycladic landscape, contributing to the overall beauty of the area.
One of the main features is the component bulks. The specific bulks are separated according to their materiality. In other words, each bulk is made of a specific material, such as stone, grout etc. the difference is obvious so as for every material to be discernible.

Project info





Building Size

200 m2

Plot Size

4 024 m2




Tinos, Greece


New Construction


Private Villa

The residence has been designed based on the principles of bioclimatic architecture, resulting in zero energy consumption. High quality materials have been used in frames, insulations etc.

The first sustainable residence – built with respect to nature, tradition and future.

An additional element that contributes to its environmental friendly character is the studied orientation and consequently, the natural shading of the building.


Village of Lia
Tinos, Greece

The residence is a balcony to the Aegean. At the same time, with the use of natural first materials such as stone and wood, it looks like a part of the hill without any exaggerations and affectations. Atention down to the last detail, highlight the power of minimalism and incorporate elements that provide colour, life and movement.